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Common mistakes on Site Plans

Here is a list of mistakes commonly found on site plans submitted to local councils created by Homeowners.

  • Wrong Areas outlined in Red
  • Missing or incomplete red outlines
  • Missing or incomplete blue outlines
  • Map out of date
  • Scale is incorrect
  • Scale missing altogether
  • Licensing information missing

Important features of a site plan

For a site plan to be accepted by your council you will need to make sure the following items are clearly shown:

  • Up to date, accurate map
  • Application Area clearly outlined in Red
  • Any Nearby or adjacent property owned by the applicant outlined in Blue
  • North Arrow (Northing) shown
  • Standard metric scale 
  • Metric scale in one of the council’s requested sizes shown
  • Scale bar shown
  • Licensing details for the map

We guarantee that every site plan we create includes all of these items.

Site Plan Scales

We normally produce Site Plans in the following scales:

1:200 - See a Sample

1:500 - See a Sample


Example of Site Plan showing required items:

Example of a Site Plan suitable for planning application showing required items
Sample Site Plan:
Site Plan based on Ordnance Survey Mastermap Data

Commonly Asked Questions about Site Plans

How can I get my Site Plan?

Fill in our order form above or call us on 0808 169 2820

How up to date does my map need to be?

Planning Authorities and the Planning Portal require you to use up to date mapping, this is often defined as less than 18 months old. Our mapping is updated directly by Ordnance Survey every 6 weeks. 

What scale should my site plan be?

Normally we produce Site Plans at 1:200 or 1:500 scale onto A4 paper. If your development site is very large we may need to use a larger size paper to fit your Site Plan.

What format should my site plan be?

The Site Plans we offer are either electronic PDFs which can be submited to the planning portal online or as printed paper maps.

What maps do I need to provide with my planning application?

Normally you should provide both a Site Plan and a Location Plan. If you are unsure on what you must provide please contact your council directly.


Further information

For further guidance on other plans please see the following pages:

Information on Block Plans

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Information on Site Location Plans

Ordnance Survey Maps for all Planning Applications // Made for you within the Hour // Affordable prices
Planning Portal maps from OS Planning Maps
Block Plans and Location Plans guaranteed for
planning authority
planning authority
planning authority
planning authority
...and all other Planning Authorities.

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